Answer ourselves to another question

Now let\’s answer ourselves to another question – why should we be self-confident in people, why should we know about our capabilities and understand ourselves? I have already said above that a self-assured person can achieve much greater results in life than an unsure person. Click here to learn more. Yes, there to say, insecurity in general deprives a person of any chances of success, it makes him mediocre and inconspicuous, capable only of obeying other people’s orders. Find out more information here. Unconfident people are losers. And you do not want to be a loser, do you? So, the question of why you need self-confidence is a stupid question. You want to be a winner, not a loser. Click here to learn more! You want a better life, not a miserable existence! You want success, not failure! You want to express yourself, you want to take place in this life as a person, and not to be a lifeless gray spot all your life, the disappearance of which no one will even notice. Click here to learn more. You want to be a person, not a function, not a consumable. That’s why you need to be self-confident. Find out more here. That’s why you need to understand yourself and know about the opportunities that are hidden inside of you. Find out more information here. Well, now it\’s time to ask the most important question – how to become a confident person? This can be done either through the emotional sphere, pumping your psyche and raising your self-esteem with the help of various ways of auto-suggestion, or you can come to a state of self-confidence through awareness. Click here to learn more. In the first case, the result is achieved quickly, but it is not stable and short-lived, a person who with emotions maintains his confidence, can also quickly go out, as well as light himself. Find out more information here. Therefore, I do not consider all these psychological pumping, all these suggestions and auto-suggestions aimed solely at the human subconscious, although there is an effect from them, it must be acknowledged. Find out more here. For me, only a complete understanding of the person of who he is and what he is will allow him to gain confidence once and for all and regardless of external circumstances, to remain confident for the rest of his life. Click here to learn more. Similarly, it should be said that no external factors should not affect the person\’s self-confidence, own strengths and capabilities, the external world should not shape our inner world, on the contrary, it is our inner world that should form the external world. Find out more information here.

But it\’s not easy to come to this, it\’s understandable, it\’s a hard and long, disciplined work on yourself, the result of which is possible only if a person comes to her seriously and responsibly if he really wants to find real, impeccable self-confidence. Find out more here. Thus, you need to understand that for gaining self-confidence, we need to know ourselves and understand well, and not just self-suggestion, as it is a less effective way to make yourself a confident person. Find out more information here. Especially for a long time. So let’s get back to understanding what confidence is. Click here to learn more. The word “confidence” comes from the word “faith”, we have found it out. And what is faith? This recognition of something is true, something that for us does not need any proof. Find out more information here. And when we talk about self-confidence, we talk about the faith of someone and what we say, or better say – about the faith of whom and to whom we speak? Find out more information here. We are talking about our faith in ourselves, not in something there is ephemeral, but in ourselves, in ourselves. Do you need proof that you, a person, a person, exist? I am sure that they are not needed. Find out more information here. You deal with yourself every day, you do not need to prove to yourself that you are. Click here to learn more. And then what you need to prove to yourself? Perhaps you are not sure of yourself. Find out more here. Do not believe in your own strength. Well, you have reason to not believe it, but you can check it out. Click here to learn more. You can check what you know and what you are capable of. And what should I do to check this? It is necessary – to act!

Click here to learn more. Do you agree? You must act, you must be an active person to know exactly what you are capable of and what tasks you can, and which ones do not. Without activity, without real action, you will never know what opportunities are hidden within you and what you can achieve through them. If you want to know more click here. Let’s say I have no idea. Well, that’s not clear to me. Can I succeed in mathematics and become a good mathematician. Details can be read herehere. The psychologist from me, judging by the results of my work, turned out good. Additional informationhere. At least I try to improve myself. If you want to know more click here. Its worldview and be the best version of yourself. Additional informationhere. My main goal in life is to become a great specialist. Details can be read herehere. And I will definitely become it! How can you do it differently? But as for mathematics, I do not even know for sure whether I can succeed in it. Additional informationhere. But you know what, I\’m a little deceiving you, to be more precise, I did not know whether I can or can not succeed in mathematics, until I won a mathematical Olympiad in school. If you want to know more click here. I knew math well then, it was easy for me, and so I won this Olympiad. Additional informationhere. Then, as far as I remember, I still won something, but I do not remember exactly what it was, because I did not attach much importance to all these my victories. I just participated in various competitions when I was a good student, just because the teachers asked me about it. Details can be read herehere. But these competitions, and my victories in some of them, including the mathematical Olympiad, seemed absolutely meaningless to me, I did not see any benefit in them for myself. Additional informationhere. It, in general, was not, this benefit. The benefits are not from fictitious competitions, but from those that we have to face in life. If you want to know more click here. So that’s it. Until I achieve at least modest success in mathematics. I do not understand how good I am in this field of knowledge. Additional informationhere. But I found out this when I achieved a real result, with hard work. I will say at once.

Details can be read herehere. Mathematics to me though and was given easily, but to win the Olympics, I needed to thoroughly prepare it. If you want to know more click here. Which I did. After achieving a certain result, due to diligence, discipline and patience, I no longer had to believe in myself, in order to understand that I can really achieve my goal if I make the necessary efforts. Additional informationhere. I already knew what I could achieve. You need to act to increase self-confidence. If you want to know more click here. Only gritting his teeth, overcoming the pain, we move forward, achieving our goals and becoming more confident in ourselves. If you want to know more click here. Acting, we turn our dreams into reality. We kill by our activity our self-doubt! After all, your lack of confidence in friends, originates from your unwillingness to do something. Details can be read herehere. Laziness runs ahead of us. And your unwillingness to do something, your laziness, in turn, originates from your fear of this or that action. If you want to know more click here. And your fear originates from your misunderstanding of something that you are afraid of. Details can be read herehere. So ask yourself the question – what exactly are you afraid of? Really ourselves? Are you afraid that you will not be able to cope with something that you have never done before, with some difficulties that you have not experienced before, do you doubt that your opportunities are as unlimited as the capabilities of other people? It is certainly excellent to consider yourself an exception, but not to the same extent. If you want to know more click here. You need to think better of yourself and not be afraid of your own failures. Details can be read herehere. You can do everything that other people can and all you need is just to start acting according to a certain algorithm. If you want to know more click here. But most importantly this action. Thus, we should not talk about self-reliance, but about a person’s understanding of himself, through his testing of his capabilities in a particular case. Additional informationhere. We are here and now. Faith itself is not needed, we need to understand what qualities at the moment we have developed well, and which are bad. Details can be read herehere. If you are physically weak, then you hardly lift a heavy barbell, that’s agreeable, logical and natural. If you want to know more click here. It is also logical to assume that you will not learn to ride a bicycle the first time, because if you have never ridden it before, at least once, but you must fall from it, even for decency. Additional informationhere. And so in all matters. You are friends, you need experience to believe in yourself, to understand your abilities, to get used to yourself and your abilities. Details can be read herehere.

It is believed that a predominantly positive experience contributes to gaining self-confidence, but if you are an intelligent person, then negative experience will do you good, because it will help you understand a lot. If you want to know more click here. Just think about how great it is to make mistakes. Click here to learn more. You immediately learn about how to do it should not, you know the laws of the universe, by trial and error. Find out more here. Positive experience gives you one idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, and negative experience is different, and as you understand, it is better to see and understand your whole life entirely than just a single fragment of it. Find out more information here. Therefore, even if you are lucky and you are always lucky, and you are never mistaken, or you are inactive to avoid mistakes and failures, then it is simply vital for you to make a mistake and fail, at least once. Find out more here. You really need it to become more mature and wiser to diversify your life. Find out more information here. Act, make mistakes, fail, fall, in order to rise. This experience will help you on the path to success.


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