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I periodically need the advice of a person who is smarter than me and that’s normal . Always it was. There is a certain pattern of behavior that all people follow. It was born in ancient times. Then all the important decisions were taken by the council of the most respected and experienced elders. This scheme has served humanity for a long time, until the level of education has grown and each person has begun to make important decisions based on his own reasoning to check. Now we are responsible only for our actions . That’s how the human consciousness was born slowly and on its feet. Later, the level of education grew and, together with it, the requirements for a person . That is, if earlier he had simply to survive in the harsh conditions of that time, to procure his own food. But it was not easy . Find yourself a home that will protect against a predator. Provide warmth and some coziness if you care for it. Defend your family. Now the person must take care of something else entirely. Now you need to be smart in order to become successful. Priorities have changed . If previously valued physical strength, it is now more intellectual with respect . While the force goes into the background. Where it was easier to find a meal that was everywhere than to stay afloat in the current realities of life. Education has become mandatory and has no exceptions. But there are a lot of disciplines and it would seem impossible to learn all of them, even if you try hard, your whole life is not enough to learn all the sciences, which appeared a whole bunch find out more. Have constructed schools in which from a small age they teach children. First, the most important thing, then everything is more complicated and complicated. Moving to more complex and difficult to memorize subjects. This approach allows us to cover a large layer of knowledge and give the student a basic education . His results sometimes are not very good and in that case the number of years of his training grows . Explain some items several times until the person understands or does not pretend to understand. As an examination of the acquired knowledge, questions are applied in the form of text for subjects that imply a specific answer to a clearly posed question . For the humanities, tests are also used, but sometimes textual tasks in which you need to think and answer in expanded form, but in your own words. For example, a child teaches from birth. Having been born he hears speech from his parents and gradually learns to understand what he is told . First he learns to distinguish the intonation of his parents. It is enough to react vividly and adequately to the expressions of the parents faces. Despite the fact that it is proved – a child can distinguish speech from postorennyh sounds. Does not matter find out more. It is better to get rid of unnecessary, disturbing sounds. Completely get rid of loud sounds, claps and knocking. The child behaves more calmly if the speech is quiet and measured. After a while, the child will learn to distinguish between speech and distinguish the voice of other women from the voice of his mother . There is a response to the speech addressed specifically to him. Unable to speak at that time, he reacts in his own form. Making no loud noises in response . Usually it is a soft vowel sound. Later he displays emotions. He laughs and smiles when they communicate with him. Reacts to the tone of your voice to check. If he could only pronounce the vowels earlier, then in a couple of months he will be able to combine letters let him not yet in speech, but still. It combines vowels and consonants to check. Forming chains of meaningful sounds. Sounds issued to them become more meaningful. He understands the simplest words, like “yes” or “no” Begins to make meaningful a couple of new words. Like to “give”. Then he begins to repeat what he has heard. For a start, these are the simplest and everyday words for him find out more. Like “mom” or “dad” These seemingly simple words at first cause difficulty in pronunciation, but the more the child speaks, the easier it goes. In the future, understand and teach new words at times easier than before. Time passes and with simple sounds the child turns to words. It is composed of words that the simplest sentences heard from relatives . He studies at home until a certain age and goes to kindergarten. Where he is taught to communicate in society, to play with peers and simple things. Like the fact that you need to share toys. Develop basic skills. Fine motor skills, modeling, drawing, singing and other things. All this in a playful form find out more. There is a pre-school program that would be easier in the future. After the kindergarten, the child is sent to the educational institution, and the first educational institution in the life of the person, usually this is the primary school. Where it will be taught to count, elementary grammar, read, communicate and think correctly. Being in society. Learns to communicate with peers click here. In this no doubt difficult period the child needs support. He finds himself in an unfamiliar situation in which he inevitably feels unconvinced click here. You must help him morally and physically. Praise for success and support at a time when the child has problems. This is part of the adaptation. You should not be too demanding of him. All because if you are too strict a child can develop not self-confidence. Anxiety increases, and as a result, progress is worse. He remembers the material that is given in school worse. Appear bad grades. The child must learn the program, but do not demand too much. Not all at once. Help him click here. Explain in an accessible form what he can not understand at the lessons. He needs your attention and help. It is necessary that he was well accustomed. The right and strong knowledge gained in primary school is the foundation for further education. For each child you need to find your own, individual approach. Speak with him in his language . You can learn in the form of a game. Switch to child-friendly topics. To direct it find out more. Pushing to the right decisions. Do not impose your point of view. It is best to explain why this is so, and not otherwise. As it is not difficult to guess, this applies not only to the language, but also to other sciences . For example, history can be taught in a game form. As an adventure story click here. So you will not put pressure on the child and learning will be a joy.


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