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Specializes in hair alternatives. WIGS AND HAIR EXTENSIONS For our clients to look and feel good rooted in a holistic approach to hair care. WIGS ARE CUSTOMIZED and are available for hair loss (chemotherapy) and hair enhancement. BODY AND SOUL specializes in hair extensions to suit clients needs such as length, volume, etc. Other services include transitioning chemically treated hair back to its original texture and weaving hair to meet clients needs.

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Fashion Magazine Feature

Fashion Magazine

Natural Hair Care

At Body and soul shop we have a scientific background  in hair. We promote healthy hair as we help our clients achieve their own goals and hair needs. A client with curly hair may have had some challenges managing their hair and resorted to the use of chemicals to straighten theirRead More…

Rachel Dolezal Quits NAACP

From People Magazine: Rachel Dolezal has stepped down from her position as leader of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP after her family accused her of lying about being black for many years. In a lengthy statement to the NAACP Monday afternoon, she listed the many issues facing theRead More…

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have always been a part of our hair care regimen. Gone are the days when you needed to hide the idea that your hair was not all your hair. Now you can embrace the hairstyle you’ve always  wanted and achieve or explore what you would look like with long, curly, or straight  hair. If you wantRead More…

How to Apply Hair Extensions

Have hair extensions but don’t know how to apply them? Click here to find out 3 easy ways to apply your extensions.  


Wigs have re-emerged in the 20th century and are again a popular choice among entertainers. In the past, we had Diana Ross and now we have Beyoncé. Both Diana Ross and Beyoncé have achieved fashionable and flawless looks by wearing wigs. Not only can wearing a lacefront (the 20th-century term for wigs – also called a unit) giveRead More…

healthy hair as we help

I periodically need the advice of a person who is smarter than me and that’s normal click here. Always it was. There is a certain pattern of behavior that all people follow. It was born in ancient times. Then all the important decisions were taken by the council of theRead More…